In The Groove

Series Description Are you in the groove? The zone? The flow? When we are in it things just seem to be joy and excitement in all you do. When you aren’t in it you are constantly hit with pain and frustration. Discover how to get in the groove for this New Year In This Series    

‘Tis The Season

Series Description We all go through different seasons and phases in our life. Sometimes they are exciting happy times and other times challenge us to our core. God's Word teaches us that there is a time for every purpose under Heaven. In This Series 1. Thankful in my Season 2. Miracles in the Moment 3. Surviving Winter 4. Embracing Change

Father’s Day 2015

Series Description Have you ever noticed how TV and media portrays dads? Usually dads are shown as weak & incapable of making tiny decision and they try to get out of spending time with kids in favor of work, beer, sports, or a cute neighbor. Being a dad is actually the greatest calling that a man can have. In this …